6 Things NOT to say to Supercar Owners...

1. Why do you own a supercar when there are speed cameras? 

Why own a rifle when it’s illegal to shoot somebody? Why own a house when you’re forbidden to extend into your neighbours garden? Why get married if you know you’ll be miserable? (Kidding!) The reason why all these questions are stupid is because most products we buy today are restricted in some way. For example, it’s legal to own a rifle but illegal to shoot someone, but you may use it to go hunting. Also, it’s prohibited to extend your home beyond your boundary but is that going to stop you from owning one? Houses have restrictions; cars have restrictions, LIFE HAS RESTRICTIONS. For all you know, your next door neighbour didn’t buy a Ferrari to drive ‘real fast’, but rather transport his golf clubs, while driving at the appropriate speeds and adhering to traffic laws on his way to meet his mistress.

2. Are you a drug dealer?

Even though the answer is probably 'Yes', it’s not a great question to ask. I’m kidding, most supercar drivers have worked extremely hard for what they have and you shouldn’t assume they’ve taken the easy road to their success. Even though drug dealing is probably very difficult and life threatening, I’m sure there are other ways that supercar owners have become supercar rich.

3. LOL, You should've bought a Porsche... 

My favourite thing NOT to say to a supercar driver! Unless you already own a Porsche, this is pretty funny because every 'wannabe petrol head' bangs on about ‘PORSCHE BEING THE GREATEST’ like a broken record. And, I’m one of those 'wannabe petrol heads' because I actually believe Porsche manufactures the most consistent and greatest cars of all time. But maybe, some supercar owners choose to drive Lamborghini's & Ferrari's to pick up girls and impress their unimpressive Instagram followers. Besides, most supercar enthusiasts/collectors/You Tubers own a Porsche within their fleet. For example, Shmee 150, JWW, Salomondrin.

4. I'll give you a fiver and a pack of gum for that... 

This is probably the most annoying and unfunny comment. 'No, I will not sell my supercar for change in your pocket or anything edible'. This joke went out of fashion after the second person who ever said it, said it.

5. Where is your front number plate? 

‘It’s on the back’.

Front number plates DO NOT LOOK GOOD, so stop asking this question.

6. It gets you from A>B just like any other car...

Yeah, so does a bicycle so why don’t we all ride around in those? Supercars do more than just ‘get you places’. It gets you there in style, in a great mood and faster than everyone else. Who’s going to get to 'C' and 'D'. What about 'Z'? You don’t buy a supercar simply to drive ''A > B'' – you buy a supercar for the thrills, smiles it creates... and girls.


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